One More Awakened Sheeperson

This is the first video from an ex-obamazombie that I have seen; this is encouraging to hear! This Neo-Nazi-New-World-Order farce has finally reared its disgusting agenda into the light of day enough so all those who heard us saying, “Watch out for the new world order! Do your research! Stop watching mainstream media!” aren’t hearing, “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!”

Even my parents are coming around. Well my mom had her teeth sunk in to the idea that the “Medical Professionals” weren’t out for our own necks they were out for their own bank accounts for a while now. And we have a few family friends who’s parents or grandparents are claimed ex-masons. So the truth wasn’t so blinding; although for her it was a bit scary at first, as it is with most. But my dad can see, now that Obama’s shown his red colors, that maybe there is more truth than what he first figured.

Listening to the little girl sing at the beginning of this video weirds me out now; it reminds me of all those lullabies that have taken over the horror genre in movies. Creeepy!

Obama’s Unconstitutional Agenda – Plan For A New World Order

In ‘Lighter’ News:
Ok the title was a bad joke but still…I want a t-shirt with Smokey the Bears new slogan! Hahahah! If you try and skip through the video it get screwy. So don’t be so lazy đŸ˜€


~ by xenorun on March 31, 2009.

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