Just Thrown This Out There…

If you take the idea that, we have a choice in the presidential elections in the same way Henry Ford said “They can have any color car they want as long as its black.” Or something to that effect. If you look at the bigger picture of the NWO agenda in this light; you have the opposames on both sides wanting to create a NWO. There is the perceived ‘good guys’ i.e. America and its allies who are overthrowing governments to spread ‘democracy’, and there is the ‘bad guys’ in the form of China and Russia and their friends, who have stated to paraphrase: we won’t allow America to spread its NWO and if America continues to push the limits of its boarders and spread its military we will take measures to enable our NWO to succeed. It seems I’m constantly reminded that there is always a bigger picture in all this.

Sadly, I’m not convinced that the the ones who actually run the show and wrote the script, who’s names we may never know, those above the bildeburgers, CFR, Rockefellers etc. can have their plans demolished. There may be a chance that all this is the kings invisible robe. Their power might just be a parody on parade. But all those like Maxwell, Noory and the like have quite a gloomy disposition when the subject of stopping the agenda comes up. Mostly what I hear is “Pull your britches up the flood waters are comein'”

OK now I’m a Christian and have been off and on for all my life; I’m too scared of hell to not be one when it really comes down to it. Well, sometimes I wonder if I am either mentally trapped and have been talking to an ‘all knowing’ voice in my head all my life or God created it so I was born with my parents so I would learn about him and hell and never turn away, and in that last case I should be very grateful…

Any way, I’ve been told many times that God answers prayers in the form of Yes, No or Wait. Now, I’ve been a Christian since childhood, I’ve heard God say other things besides just that(mentally insane or spiritual? *shrugs). The video below blew me away, and blows away the idea of Yes, No or Wait.

The best optical illusion in the world!

HA HA HA Ha Ha he he he… hmmm


~ by xenorun on April 2, 2009.

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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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