Nassim Haramein – Genius

This man has great information that ties into all my research. He has other videos that get to the meat of his concepts faster but this is the one series that gives a great intro into everything. I believe he yaps a bit for like 3/4 of the beginning of this video so you can skip to about that point. But as you go along in this lecture it only gets better. Its like reading a good book. He is a physicist like Einstein but he is able to explain it all in terms of the laymen. You don’t have to have knowledge about Egypt, Sacred Geometry, Occults and the like but if you do… wow, its like the glue for many many ideas. He also helped me understand why I enjoy sacred g so much and why the image in my banner is important.

Nassim Haramein 1/45


~ by xenorun on April 15, 2009.

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