My Own Thoughts

What this country needs is a DNC

I don’t mean a democratic national convention,
Because what they need is a good intervention,
Just as ultimate power becomes ultimate corruption,
Their constant oppression becomes their eventual eviction,

When this country was born everything was lookn good,
Then we went from mommas milk to power as our food,
It started with great ideals like helpn those with needs,
Then this great nation turned into the worlds police,

Stealthily we’re tip toeing right into a police state,
We’ll werewolf permanently emulating everything we hate,
Big brother will be watchn us through his many cameras,
If we don’t tow the line from history they’ll erase us,

Already they’ve effectively imprisoned most of our minds,
And more cell doors are slamming shut all of the time,
Funny thing is we help build the walls of our own prison,
We are shut-ins but they tell us that we are livin,

Now full circle to the democratic national convention,
Because what they need is a good intervention,
They tasted power and there minds were poisoned. now,
Their only thought is more as their lips they moisten,

They’re our worst nightmare as embodied vampiric beast,
On our fear, money and power they do constantly feast,
Every day we offer up our power, freedom and money,
So that we can have a father figure and our security,

Our sons fight in there name as they gladly take the blame,
Their manifesto says ultimate control is their ultimate aim,
Everyday i look at the world it all seems the same. but,
Just as the suns shadow moves they’ll imprison our brains,

Like all of us were a beautiful baby in the womb,
So they were til death when they stopped feeding on real food,
They never were born and their still in there like a symbiote,
With out us they’ll die all we need to do is rock the boat,

‘Tho what I mean by DNC I no longer need to mention
What i mean is the removal of a dead baby or an abortion,
Burned were the books of whom made the greatest inventions
Burned were the authors who had the greatest intentions,

They are the crickets as the old fable goes,
We are the ants and YouTube is starting to show
Calm and serene they look at us and are laughing,
They never think we’ll find out and cause a scene,

Lets over throw them and perform a DNC on Americas womb,
They are the large life leeching pink elephant in the room,
The power they have is like the emperors new clothes,
Most pretend its there but its not as some are coming to know

Some pretend to see but they’re the blind leading the..oops i mean
Visually impaired. why is it that people are so scared,
To speak the truth: I’m white you’re black nothing bad there,
We’re all different but on that let’s not focus,
Focus through the similarities because in division they control us,

All of the wars and elections are just scripted shows,
Like a scripted program we go were we’re told to go,
We all watch television programs that program our mind,
Were becoming more like robots all of the time,

Most fawn all over their words, their political lies,
But its just the divisor dividing the dividend destroying ties,
Democrats and republicans are both the same side,
To them were a simple math problem and their tryn to divide,

We are the dividend and they are the divisor
Their tryin to deal with the remainder an eye sore,
Most people are the quotient that easily divides,
But there always is a remainder that doesn’t divide,

I’m part of the remainder their plans i bust,
Red and blue and black and white they’re tryn to divide us,
On the same currency that says in God we trust,
They forked tongue tell us they love order ab chaos,


~ by xenorun on May 10, 2009.

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