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In response to my previous post: Truth is alpha-numeric!

We can choose from an infinite number ways to view existence. Anything can be viewed as good/bad or slightly good/slightly bad or any variation of what ever sort you can and can’t imagine. I thought this was a fundamental problem of existence but now I see that it defines existence beautifully. Everything has its opposite and exists as it is because everything else is the way that it is. If a gaseous nebula out in space were to not exist what would happen to us? We wouldn’t exist? No, we would simply exist differently. Opposites are complementary and define each other. Relationships and relativity.

If you were to take, for instance, a magnet with its north and south pole and cut it in half. You would not get a positive magnet and a negative magnet. It would create its own opposite; everything needs its opposite. Two sides to a coin. Yin and yang. Duality. And… the thing about duality is that it is secretly one.

Imagine taking the shade off a lamp and replacing it with a black sphere. Then pricking holes in it so that points of light shine from all around it. We think we are that one point of light and have been lead to believe that we are not the light itself. Or better stated we have chosen to believe or play the part of a separate entity in this grand play. Each of us playing the necessary part. Other wise there would be no existence as we now know it.

Imagine you could lucid dream tonight (i.e. realize you’re in a dream and control all aspects of it). Now imagine you could alter your perception of time in such a way that one night seems like seventy-five years. So you naturally fulfill all your deepest desires and pleasures. So at perhaps the 3rd or 6th night or when ever, having had every want realized, you decide to try something else. You chose to change your dream so that at some point something will happen to you, you won’t know what it will be or when it happens. And you wake up the next morning thinking phew that was a close call… but I rather enjoyed it. Following this line of logic eventually you would have a dream that mirrors the exact life you lead in your waking state. This is a perfect metaphor of what our reality is. We are all one consciousness who got bored with our own infinite perfect bliss and decided to create its perfect infinite opposite.

Life is a virtual reality game if you will. We wear the Grecian actors mask and play that we are not Oneness in order to experience non-bliss. Thereby defining our true nature of perfect oneness and happiness. We all are the masochistic god of this reality craving enough trouble, sadness and torture until we decide we’ve earned the right to wake up to our true self.

And so the Truth is… we are alpha-numeric and dualistic Oneness perceived as infinity. So the trick is to simultaneously know Oneness and be able to experience its opposite.

And all that from one man:

I haven’t even finish this lecture and he answered my question. Great stuff here folks!


~ by xenorun on May 31, 2009.

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