I Guess I’m Feeling Zen?

It’s all in how you look at the mountain,
Is it bitter loneliness or peaceful solitude?
When the world seems like dreams,
So much that dreams seem so real,
Why is a tear down the cheek so poetic?

Who’s to know how to know the difference?
And how is it that one knows the change?
When winters too cold and summers too hot,
Where is the autumn to be found in life?
How’s one to know when it’s stumbled upon?

Is ‘Centeredness’ the goal in life?
And the extremes the lessons learned?
Can dreams be merged with life?
But is there a difference between?
Or is our life’s goal to realize they are one?

If so how have we forgotten?
And why has the memory been erased?
Is that all part of existing in this plane?
Or is it something else? Something we missed?
Could it be that illusion of separateness was our goal as Oneness?


~ by xenorun on August 23, 2009.

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