Choice, Choices & Choosing Choice

This came about after some research and the book Cosmic Trigger. This is Divinely inspired, I think…what ever you decide to define divine as. But it did hit home for me in many ways and I’m better for it. Yea it’s long…but as a friend once said:
“Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it”.

Affirmare Ab Morpheus

I choose the lucid life. I live with my eyes open.
With my senses and soul continuously sharpened by the whetstone of experience,
Constantly I affirm: “I am choosing choosing.”
Effortlessly I choose to shape my waking world with the same care as my dreams.

I know that if I ever falter, I consciously or unconsciously chose that path.
In every situation I always have a choice, even if my ego tries to convince me otherwise,
Constantly I affirm: “I am choosing choosing.”
I choose to guide my waking world with the same concentration as my dreams.


Holding Close My Power of Choice
The Passive Life Of Denial and Power Transfer

In the same way you stop an argument with a child, you guide your thoughts. You don’t argue back at your thoughts; this will only empower them to think they have the right to argue with you. They are your thoughts and they listen to you.
Constantly affirm: “I am choosing choosing.” That is to say: “I, constantly in every present moment, choose the willful act of choosing.” Your thoughts don’t get to decide how you act, think or the way you are. You should be driving this car, kick the adolescent out of the driver seat.

“The best way to stop a fight is not to hit harder, physically or mentally, but to simply stop fighting.”

“You cannot war for peace in the same way you cannot peacefully instigate wars.”

“Any thing that is not peaceful is not peaceful; any act that leads to war is not peaceful.”

Fighting begets fighting but peace bears the child called peace. Deciding not to play the minds’ games is the first step to not being ruled by your own mind games. It sounds simple & obvious but it’s a bit tricky when practiced.

Once you decide to not even enter as a player in your minds’ games you must then realize you are not your thoughts. You have thoughts just as you have a body with a brain, which has chemical processes and electrical impulses that the mind interprets as thoughts. But they do not define you; you are defined by your reaction to these. Wisdom is knowledge in positive action.

And yes, many many thoughts float or fly through your head every moment, but you can always choose which ones to entertain and which to let go. I’ve found that letting go of negative or ‘crazy’ thoughts is much easier since I now know I am not my thoughts; and therefore don’t feel defined by them or guilty for having them float through my mind. I know who I am or who I want to be and those thoughts don’t define that.

There are those who believe they are their thoughts. They are the ones most easily affected by mind control in what ever form it takes. This is because mind control doesn’t work to directly affect your actions. A thought is injected into the mind and then the brain is told to recall that thought once an event happens. This could be anything from reading a certain word, seeing a color, hearing a phrase, anything the programmer prefers.

So, the thought is triggered and this person ‘hears’ the suggestion or his subconscious hears a programmed thought; same thing different level of awareness. But because he thinks he is his thoughts, he believes that it is his own will that he hears or his subconscious hears, thus the action.

Accountability is usually deferred when the person thinks he is with out fault or nearly so. The narcissist has an enlarged ego and therefore an issue with accountability. The ego may say “It can’t be true that most of what goes on in your life is directly your fault. Some others must be, at the very least, partially to blame. And besides, wouldn’t it be such a troublesome, heavy and guilt-ridden existence to have all that blame on your shoulders?” But the opposite is nearly always true.

To blame others for your misfortunes is to give them the power over you and your life. It gives your liberty and power away to one not disserving. In my own experience, taking ownership of your own life and mistakes is, in fact, a freeing experience. I realized I have much more power than I ever thought possible when I don’t give it away or assign it to another. The human mind and soul is pure energy, raw power & freedom. The life of one who gives up this power, for what ever reason, will be fraught with frustration and guilt. But he will not know why.

On the same note do not fall into the trap of saying, “It’s my fault because…” This can be just as destructive as saying it is someone else’s fault. Both arguments are negative. Instead by saying, “I chose to think or feel or do… Next time I will choose better.” it empowers you with choice and implants a positive perspective on your life and actions.

Some may say, “Well, what about getting mugged or robbed? Was that your choice?” No. Who would choose that? But it was your choice to go down that dark alley or that part of town late at night and open yourself up to getting mugged. It was your choice to leave your windows and doors unlocked with out a security system which enabled you to get robbed. It’s all cause and effect. It is not that you are blaming yourself for being robbed (negative) but that you realize your decisions lead to that situation being a possible future for your life (positive).

Some may even take this as far as, you chose who your parents were before you were born; but there is no way for us to truly know that. Even if you were born into an abusive home and that had an adverse effect on your mentality you can still choose to forgive past indiscretions and get counseling of some kind… or not.

I have heard it stated that when ever you’ve found yourself, for instance, getting angry, you say to yourself, “I chose not to choose.” Or “I chose to let another person choose my emotions.” As a way to shame yourself into the right frame of reference. But this negative reinforcement will not be as effective as positively saying, “Next time I’m in that type of situation, I will choose my response.” This is a much better way also, to reinforce better decisions when trying to achieve the lucid dream (or anything else for that matter).

A lucid dream is when you realize that you’re dreaming while still in the dream. If you can hold on to this lucidity and not wake up, you can do an infinite number of things in your dreams. If you happen to, as was my case with my first lucid dream, wake up just after becoming lucid because you were so excited; use the positive reinforcement mentioned above, instead of negative, to achieve better results.

Imagine being able to talk out a solution to a problem with Einstein. You may not think you have the capability of mind to figure out any problem, thereby limiting Einstein’s responses by your own mental capacity. But your unconscious takes in and stores 100% of the information around you each day. Your conscious mind filters most of this out in order to focus on life and not be overwhelmed. So the right answer is most likely in you, your unconscious may have already thought of a solution, you just need to ask. Or perhaps you could have a dream that seems to last for years, thereby creating your own dream-scape (as I’m most certain H.P. Lovecraft did) or even 360 degree vision or tantric sex. Imagine flying through the skies like superman over to Hawaii for a vacation every night. The possibilities are literally infinite.

Morpheus was the Greek god of dreams. If ever there was an initiation or rite for Morpheus, I have heard it said and I agree, lucid dreaming fits the bill. You could even, if you were such an adept, perform magick rituals in your dreams or, as I would like to try, different forms of meditation in lucid dreams. Some even speculate you can share dreams with other people or communicate messages telepathically or see into the future or past. None of those I’ve been able to accomplish but I haven’t even tried yet. Lucid dreams are a safe supplement or alternative to consciousness expanding drugs. I haven’t tried any drugs to facilitate lucid dreams, but I am certain drugs are not needed to fully appreciate them. What an amazing gift dreams are, a gift that never stops being given. It’s all about your will and whether you choose to imbibe.


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