Banishing invisible with invisible…

My !nvisible Mongoose
Look carefully and you’ll see,
That no man is Normal.
But many a man The Great Pretender,
And Master Craftsman of masks,
In the Devil’s Masquerade.

“…did you ever hear the story of the man with a mongoose in his basket? It was on a train. This chap had a basket under his seat and another passenger asked him what was in it. ‘A mongoose,’ he said. ‘A mongoose!’ said the other. ‘What on earth do you want with a mongoose?’ ‘Well,’ said our hero, ‘my brother drinks a great deal more than is good for him, and sometimes he sees snakes. So I turn the mongoose on them.’ The other passenger was baffled by this logic. ‘But those are imaginary snakes!’ he exclaimed. ‘Aha!’ said our hero. ‘Do you think I don’t know that? But this is an imaginary mongoose!’…” -RAW (excerpt from Masks of the Illuminati)


~ by xenorun on October 16, 2009.

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