… Is The Answer

I was listening to KRS One (of all rappers, one of the greats) & decided to emulate him and his thoughts with my own spices added. What do you think of my audible concoction?

… Is The Answer

Saying the same thing speaking different lines,
Pulling conceptions from the realm of mind,
There is only thing and it is divine,
The same pregnant rhymes stretch over time,

In a glory of light my verses water breaks,
As my mantra meets your mental mind,
Many amazing hidden truths you find,
You understand with much birthing pains,

Your astral mind hears my intoned singing,
I meditate out loud speaking the same thing,
But I convince you its different and rhyming,
Like the chess of neurolinguistic programming,

If your third eye shines like mine,
If the suns out but your third eyes still blinds,
You will see a pattern in the words I choose,
Telling you not to hate but to love all Jews,

No matter who it is that tries to influence you,
Cold steel you feel on your face from the gun they drew,
Given the options of life or their path for you,
You can still choose death if you really want to,

And I quote, “Give be death or give be liberty.”
Choices chosen by the workers of our country’s foundries,
I always have a choice in any situation handed me,
You can become The Budda seeing all as family,

You can choose absolute control mind, believe
And experience all events as ecstasy,
This is total love of others and the self you see,
Because mentally the macrocosm can exist in me,

Lewd thoughts of others is a form of self love,
One being the only number all others being false,
Verily and many times it’s been said to you:
Every day do unto others as you’d want it for you,

Internal joy found in manifestation of joy in others,
Selfish thoughts disregarded, others joy you plunder,

Theatrics and masks if it turns your ego on,
Hedonistic sex acts will always go on,
Eventually though we’ll find the love of One,

Anarchistic in our search for self oblivion,
Negation of negativity the only perfection of path,
Serving our coagulation of Lights’ prismatic past,
We all desire a return to that one source,
Every day unbeknownst we congeal more,
Reality is a dream, merrily this comes to the fore.

Acrostic is the answer.


~ by xenorun on October 18, 2009.

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