God Says: The ends justify the means? / and the Golden Rule

If you were to walk up to any self proclaimed hardcore Christian human and ask them this question:

“Do the ends ever justify the means?”

What do you think their response would be? Well having lived and grown up in that culture I know that they would say:

“What?! Of course not! God laid down his 10 commandments and they are absolute. There is Black and there is White. To ever say that the ends do justify the means would gray the lines of right and wrong, hence Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah ad infinatum. God deals with black and white, right and wrong. And um… to paraphrase the bible verse: If you are lukewarm God will spit you out.”

Interesting. Well let’s explore this a bit.

To start of, let me begin this ‘argument’ the right way with a definition of terms:
What is humanity?

So, if a human has all logic and no emotion is it still human? Yes. I’m just a very logical human.
What about all emotion and no logic? Yes, I’m just a very emotional human. So it’s probably not the mental state, as it were, more on that later.

What if a being had no limbs? Still human? Unequivocally yes, even if the person was just a head like in Futurama.

But what if there was no body? Say I put my consciousness into a computer. Would I be just that: a consciousness in a computer or a human in a computer?

So when there is no body the question of humanity seems to require the previously unqualified qualifications, namely: logic and emotion.

If you have no body & for simplicity I’ll use the computer analogy, so I’m in a computer and all I know is myself and emotions, still human? I think so. All logic and no emotion? Well… that’s a bit grayer but still, given my origin I could still be called human.

I think it’s been proven that the mental state is not a just qualification of humanity. What I am going to put forward is that to be truly Human is to be filled with and to act with as much Love for, not just your fellow man or those that think and act like you, as you can muster for all beings.

So maybe I need to define that term: Love. The dictionary list 28 definitions of love. So let me specify what I mean by Love: As the bible says: love is patient, kind, not selfish or self serving etc. Basically, if I were filled with the love I am describing, I would sacrifice all that I have, all of myself for another being or all beings as a whole. The sacrifice Christians say Jesus made on the cross for all people, whether you believe it actually happened or not, is a perfect example of the love I mean.

So what I’m saying is to be truly human is to strive towards the perfection of self with Love as the model. But once you achieve that goal you are no longer simply human. You are at that point what we call a god. So to be human is to strive towards godhood. So can a human, who strives towards perfection and is not perfect, understand the actions of a god?

Let’s try this analogy:

Say there were two ant hills. Both growing and living quite near each other in a field. The first colony, Hill A, is quite violent and lives based on that principle. The second, Hill B, is peaceful and has learned to live based off that principle.

So as time passed each hill grew so large they merged into one giant colony, now called Hill C. And as the ant cultures merged, Hill C became so that 75% was violent and only 25% were peaceful.

Would a true human, seeing the plight, see it Just to destroy 75% of the ant population in order to save the 25%? Probably some would and some won’t.

So Earths population can’t agree that the ends do justify the means. So let’s go back to the hard-and-fast-Christian-rule: The ends never justify the means because that would delude God’s absolute Truth. (And is a slippery slope towards communism if they do say so them selves)

So God, and Christians by association, would reason that 75% of Hill C should fuckn die because of the example God gave in the Bible about Noah’s time, where 99.999% of the population was destroyed, because they were evil, so that .001% (Noah, his wife & his son’s family) could be saved.

So I guess what we can learn from this is that when God says: Thou Shalt Not Kill. What he really means is Thou Shalt Not Kill… Uh, Unless Mine Ends Justify The Means. It seems a bit crazy, from my human standpoint, that a loving god would tell us humans not to kill, because we should strive towards being totally loving, but its apparently OK for him to break his own rules. So now the rule is: Thou Shalt Not Kill Until Thou Reach Godhood.

Hmmm, so much for God’s black and white rules… I mean, hell, even God told the Israelis to completely wipe out another nation because they inhabited their ‘Promised Land’. And he didn’t just say kill the men that resist and drive the others out. No no! He said, and I paraphrase: “Kill the all men. Kill all women and children. Destroy all sheep and livestock. For this is your promised land.” I feel like giving him a big ol’ hug! How about you, eh? Sends a warm shiver down my leg. Mm Mmm Mmmmm.

And I’m supposed to feel guilty, about not going every Sunday or Saturday & Sunday or fucking even Monday, Wednesday & Friday-Sunday, to worship this forked tongued god? Hmm, sounds a bit hypocritical to me.

And you could say: “But oh my no, that is not the real God. That is a perversion of Truth.”

To which I’d say: “Uhhh… Have you read your own fuckn bible??”

Aww shit… but I digress.

So I think the real point here is: Just like a bad TV show, all of the worlds’ reasons and religions are full of plot holes.

So Humans are supposed to strive towards being totally filled with Love and one rule to help you is Thou Shalt Not Kill. But guess those are only human rules because God can kill most of the earth and still be called a loving god.

So the real problem here is: what religion, reality, worldview… or better said: what reality tunnel is really true?

HAHAHHAhahahhhh…interestingly enough I think Jesus said it best: when asked which of the commandments is the most important, He responded: “Love your neighbor as yourself,” Which is what most normal ‘humans’ know as The Golden Rule.

So to cut a damn long story short: Fuck all your religions and world views and follow the Golden Rule.

So maybe what Jesus was saying is that we should kill God? Hmmm…


~ by xenorun on November 7, 2009.

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