Ignorance is Bliss

Some times i wonder why i took the blue pill. I guess i thought knowledge would bring peace or happiness or what ever. Well… i guess i never thought that much into it, really. This whole thing just seemed so romantic if you know what i mean. Like a good spy novel.

It’s just frustrating to know all this stuff… and yet know nothing, and know nothing for sure. Looking around at this damned world it doesn’t seem to matter how many people know or think they know what’s really up, the plan just keeps trudging on. And it seems like I can learn all i want and try and tell ppl, some will think I’m nuts or stupid or gullible. Maybe it’s the reverse, maybe not. Who the fuck knows.

It’s like when I hear ppl say that every one is special… and then of course no one is. I can know everything and then I know nothing. It’s all maybe’s, I dunno’s, theories, proof, refuted proof, informants, disinformation agents… and around and around the ride goes making me nauseous. Sometimes i just want off the ride; but i know I’m addicted.

Still… lately the sheeple-dogs incessant barking and growling with looks makes conformity seem appealing. Maybe Cipher’s path is… well i dunno if its better or not but it looks greener and greener over there each day.

Perhaps merging with my local mental-germ infested culture is… oh what the fuck am i saying. I’m done rambling goddammit. I don’t know if I’m on the right path now. But I do know full well the meaning of “Ignorance is Bliss.”


~ by xenorun on December 9, 2009.

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