At least give us…

OK, so I learned about the fed and how they are fucking us and all the other conspiracy theories out there. Yup. So what. Doesn’t fucking matter! My asshole still hurts. I’m still getting fucked in this prison we call America… or the Earth.

Honestly folks, look around you! You can read blogs or watch youtube or watch what ever bull shit you think will help on TV, but when you really look at the world… ain’t shit changing! No matter who you vote into office, local or other wise, the ‘government’ still gets in. The main agenda still happens. It’s like a choose-your-own-ending story but the only difference is that YOUR VOTE DOESN’T FUCKING COUNT! Yea, sorry to pop your bubble but ‘rock the vote’… IS BULL SHIT!! It’s all made up to make you think you have some kind of choice in this goddamn country!

Ain’t shit gonna change just because some douche-bag Americans, or what ever country you randomly happened to be born in, decide they, rightly or not, think they know what’s really up and are going to ‘change the world’. Oh yes I’m watching Jordan or Alex Jones and that makes me smarter. SO FUCKING WHAT! Oh yea you, one insignificant piece of shit dust, is going to magikally change everyones minds. All those people all around you are going to hear what you have to say and then think, “Oh wait maybe this guy, who seems like a looney, is right. Maybe we are all getting fucked and if we stand together we can change things in the world.” OH GOD (or flying spagetti monster if you prefer) DELIVER US FROM MINE ENEMIES OF EVIL! LET US AAALLL STAND TOGETHER AND HOLD HANDS AGAINST TYRANNY! …That is the American dream if i ever heard it, and as Carlin said you have to be asleep to believe it:

Which is why I say: “If you are going to FUCK US in the ASS… AT LEAST GIVE US WEED GODDAMMIT!!

I mean really, life is full to over flowing with BULLSHIT! (don’t get me started with: “Mine cup runeth over!” maybe your idea of a cup is actually a TEASPOON GODDAMMIT!)

I mean really, come on… I speak to the True Leaders of this world when I say: “Make Weed Legal!!” If there is really no choice in the matter – which it seem there isn’t – at least make us happy with a big dick in our ass! At least make the ‘GODDAMN SAVIOR OF AMERICA’ write & sign a presidential mandate where weed is legal in all states.

It can’t hurt America – ‘The bastion of freedom’ – to have weed legalized! Alcohol prohibition (1920 to 1933) didn’t work either and this so called ‘War On Drugs’ isn’t working either! It only cost America more money… well on further thought bankrupting America is your goal but at least stop this one thing. I mean really, come on, THIS IS BULLSHIT! Not only are you going to fuck us but you have to make Weed illegal too?! Come on… REALLY?

If all you want is:
1. to bankrupt America an all other nations that threaten you.
2. to take control of all nations through their economy.
3. and to merge all nations into a global world government…

and we can’t seem to do… A DAMN THING ABOUT IT?! Why not at least give all earthlings Weed so that we can feel comfortable with the HUGE RED WHITE AND BLUE DILDO UP OUR ASS!!! (or what ever colors your country adopts)

I mean, not only do you have to RAPE US, you have to make us FUCKING HATE IT TOO!?! WHAAT THE FUUCK!? All I am asking – for all earthlings involved – is to make us happy with getting fucked! If there’s really no point, if while trying to ‘fight the system’, we at least have a ‘drug’ that won’t make us sick the next day and we can still be ‘PRODUCTIVE’… AND HAPPY AT THE SAME TIME. Is that sooo much to ask!?!

I don’t think so. Legalize Weed! That’s all.


~ by xenorun on December 12, 2009.

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