I think its time to talk on Weed…

It is time to rant on weed again. b/c it seems no one sees what is happening.

I just ran out of southern comfort and mt. dew, (if you haven’t tried it… then do so). And I went out at about 3am to try and get more. I went the local CVS and I was 30 min late. Went to the next best thing the gas station that sells late… no dice. So i had to drive about 15 to 20min out into Pearl River to get alcohol. While there the attendant seemed cool, and the costumers just b4 me seemed OK so I mentioned I was looking for some green. The costumers said “Yea go green.” blah blah and walked out. I think they knew the atmosphere and I apparently didn’t, b/c I said again that I was looking for green to the attendant. He said, “You mean marijuana?” To which I replied “Yes of course”.

Long story short he was ex-drug enforcement for St. Tammany Parish. But was apperenty cool w/ green, b/c he said most of his familly toked up. I asked his opinon on green. He said that it will be legal in ten years. I hope this is so. b/c that would Greatly lessen Americas dependence on Alcohol and Cigs. It may eliminate it for some, but for the ppl I know they would smoke 90% weed and have a drink or two or three and smoke a few cigs. Where as now they drink 99% and smoke a lot of cigs and only smoke weed when they can.



~ by xenorun on December 28, 2009.

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