GOD! I’m leaving you and taking the kids!!

I am tired of being told I am worthless and was that way since birth! I’m sick of your constant threat of infinite abuse if I were to ever leave you and/or not love you. I am done with this relationship! I choose to step out of this cycle of abuse! I am worthy! WITH OUT YOU! I am tired of you putting SHIT in my life because I “sinned” and… oh wait you made me that way right?! Mother fucker! When ever we talk it seems like I am talking to my self!

You always say you love me but your actions say you hate me and don’t respect my intelligence or my self worth! I used to love you – or I thought I did – but that only clouded my mind from your abuse! You say I am not worth anything? …Wait, what’s that? You say you love me so much you had your son killed?! You sadistic old fuck! You disgusting masochist!

No! I am not going to get on my knees and worship you! What the hell is your problem?

I am going to socialize with members of the opposite sex… with out you or your stupid religion getting in the way! And go a head and get jealous if I look into other gods! Fuck off!

P.S. go suck a bag of dicks you abusive mother fucking cunt! You don’t even exist!

Wow, that feels great to get of my chest! 😀

This tirade brought to you today by:


~ by xenorun on March 9, 2010.

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