“If you don’t believe in something, you’ll fall for anything.” -Anonymous Theist
“Faith is believing for no reason.” -Anonymous Atheist

If a person can’t find proof that the Christian god exists they will be told to just have faith. So faith really is, as it has just been described, belief for no reason. So taking that first quote into the equation the result will be this:

“If you can believe something for no reason, you’ll believe anything for no reason.” -Me

I’ve heard it said that if you will just have faith the proof will come in time, hence furthering faith then furthering proof… and so on. Let’s consider this argument. If I were to choose to believe in Santa Claus and he becomes my worldview, it stands to reason that I will start filtering out what doesn’t mesh with my faith with reasoning like, “Oh it must be the work of Anti Clause that I am seeing proof that Santa doesn’t exist.” I can then disregard so many proofs against Santa Clause as the work of Anti Claus that my faith is then strengthened. So my filtering increases along with proof for Santa and my faith and the proof spirals ‘upwards’ supporting each other in a kind of circular reasoning.

Faith doesn’t support mature analytical and logical thought processes, it actually cripples the mind. In the process of it all the person becomes dependent on their worldview, it becomes who they are. As soon as anyone tries to discount their beliefs this person is likely to become confused, hurt, and might feel like they are being attacked on a personal level because what is being said counters who they are at the core, correct or not. So you can get many horrible, immature and/or funny responses to honest mature questions.

Take this example (I just love this show btw):

Which leads to all kinds of ridicule, and rightly so (the funny starts at about 30sec in):



~ by xenorun on March 17, 2010.

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