Oh shit its 420…

Just realized what day it is. I don’t feel like posting anything about weed now, look at my previous posts about it.

OK one thing: just that it should be, in the words of Bill Hicks, mandatory to smoke it.

Hhhh wish I had some weed…

And I noticed some larger traffic to this blog, lol didn’t see that coming. Hello to those souls, old and young, reading this blog! 😀 Glad you’re here!


~ by xenorun on April 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Oh shit its 420…”

  1. I have ended up getting all uncomfortable & zonked out there these days just after blazing some strong pot these days…
    Any of you people experiencing this? It’s possible that I simply just might need to reduce the volume Im blazing huh…?

  2. Well, I’m fairly sure this is spam but I’ll leave your comment just in case.
    If you feel uncomfortable doing something it is probably your brains way of saying slow down. I don’t have ne problem w/ people smoking weed. Follow your intuition lopez.

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