Weird Dream o_O

Yea this was weird. Well, weird is an understatement. It happened last night so I’ll type what I can remember.

It is some unknown hour at night. Two people arguing. I didn’t hear what about tho; it was like a silent movie. From my perspective as the unseen observer, there was a group of 3-5 people on the left one of which was the leader of the group. On the right was a man with his son to his right who was about 13ish. I got the grok they were all part of the same group but the father was having a disagreement with the leader. The father said one last thing, suddenly his son sat up strait, his features were smooth, but his tone was very mature and serious. His father had just crossed the line.

“You are banned…” he began.

His dad cocked his head to one side as he furrowed his brow, “What!?”

The son ignored this and spoke over him, “…you are no longer welcome!”

The others in the group stood in silent agreement. It was time for punishment.

Then cut to me, first person, as the son. I held in my right hand, as I soon found out, a device like a pressure washer. My/his father was to my left. It was then about midday. I said something to the effect of, “I win.” or “Watch this.” I moved the pressure washer/cutting device and attempted to cut the end off what looked like a small diameter metal pipe. In the middle of doing this I realized I was trying to cut the barrel of his riffle.

He smiled sardonically and shook his head, “Nope.”

I turned to my right. I realized I was in my parents backyard. There was an old dirty fence in front of me now. I started to pressure wash the fence in an attempt to fix/power up the device. Before I knew it I had eroded away the fence only to reveal another duplicate fence behind it. I had fixed my device. I turned back to the father. and loped off the end of the barrel. But not with the water shooting out but with the tip of the device which was red hot and melted rather than cut the barrel.

He got scared and turned his head to his left and yelled at some people who I guess were with him. He said something like, “Watch out he fixed it!” Something like that. I don’t recall exactly. I attempted to use the water to cut off his left hand. Note: At this point we were suddenly inside a scientific looking room with non-shiny metal tile walls with rivets and larger tile floors with dim florescent lighting. Back to the story: He wouldn’t keep still. We struggled for a moment. Suddenly his countenance changed to more curious than angry. I followed suit. Our hand are at our sides. He said something like, “Then how is it supposed to be cut?” I used my finger, saying “Ssssshhheeww!” and drew an imaginary cut line diagonally below his wrist. He said, “Oh.” Then back to the original countenance for both of us and we started fighting again. Note:Thinking of it now it reminds me of an anime fight were we stop and talk in the middle of a battle lol. Back to story: He wouldn’t keep still so i grabbed by his forearm and moved to cut his hand off.

All of the sudden were in the parents backyard at night but it was unnaturally dark. If you close your eyes in a dark room that’s what it was like. I was sort of floating/laying on my right propped up by my elbow. Suddenly someone started saying a poem. I got a sort of visual grok it was about a praying mantis. I wish i could remember it all… well sort of, you’ll see. It started and I got the image ‘in my mind’ of the praying mantis as it was describing it from head to toe. It went something like this:

It’s eyes they cry, red they bleed,
It’s head was crooked, broken and teetering,
Broken in its hands and in its feet,*
Bleeding from the knees,**
It was clear,
It was an exhilaration just to breathe,
Introduction of a Chinese top,

o_O Fucking weird right??

*about here I half realize that I’m in a dream and fully realized that my mind is making up this poem on the spot. Even tho it was a fucking weird poem, I decide to let my dream continue, to keep the poem going to see what comes out.

**from here on i remember the lines exactly. Before that I had to make up parts of it from the grok of the poem.

Oh, and before you start thinking it: I’ve NEVER tortured any small animals! That’s just disgusting! Besides the praying mantis was more humanoid than the usual insect and I got the feeling that I was being told about something that someone else did to this ‘person’. It was more sad than scary really.

I remember looking left and right with my eyes and thinking, “Uh… yea that was weird.” Then cut to me in the back yard; it was a little darker than midday. About 3 or 4ish. I bent over with dark metal tweezer in my right hand and picked up the head of a praying mantis. It was clearly plastic. It was chard and melted flat to about the diameter of a quarter and about 2-3 quarters thick. As I stood up I woke up in my bed.

Oddly enough I wasn’t really freaked out by the dream (OK the poem disturbed me) because the whole time it wasn’t very serious. I was play acting; like being in a movie that you can control a little of. By the time the poem started I knew it was a dream w/o directly acknowledging it. I just kind of did & acted. It was as if I tapped into, as Freud would say, the id of my mind; the superego was asleep and the ego was dozing.

Yea, that was the weirdest dream I’ve had in a while. I’ve had 2 just odd and one awesome flying dream. The last disturbing one really got to me. It was about my father dieing of old age… but that’s way to personal to put up here.

I remember hearing that your dreams are trying to tell you something, or could be. So I decided to look up a Chinese top; in reference to the last line of the poem which seemed out of place. I found that no one knows exactly when the top was introduced but it was between 250-200BC. So I put that into Google. I came across this page which seems to correlate the weather patterns to the growth of civilizations. On it I read this passage:

Rome obtained her foothold in Greece by interfering with civil wars in that region. This policy finally resulted in annexing to the growing empire the countries around the eastern end of the Mediterranean. When Rome went into a region during times that were climatically mixed, or close to the average, her procedure was generally a liberal and democratic one, leaving to the country a considerable measure of independence and local autonomy, exacting, however, tribute and taxes.

I thought: “Wow, that reminds me of the U.S. and Iraq situation.” They democratically annexed it but are now ‘leaving to the country a considerable measure of independence and local autonomy’. Then I recalled the conspiracy research about how Rome supposedly runs it all, at least on one level. There’s always a level higher. I thought it funny how Rome is still up to its old tricks. I mean if if works why change tack now. This could easily be a coincidence but it did lead me down an interesting path.


~ by xenorun on May 1, 2010.

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