About Strange Secret

Gnosis Sapientia Actio: Knowledge, Wisdom, Action

It is a simple maxim but one we follow. First is knowing yourself and your enemy. If you don’t know your enemy, stay off the battle field because you are guaranteed to fail. Second is wisdom; it isn’t passive, it isn’t inert, it goes hand in hand with action. Take what you have learned and use it to enlighten others, to spur them onto the quest for knowledge and into action. Don’t stand for tyranny and do not stand by while our world tip-toes, leaps or marches to totalitarianism. Allowing evil to happen is equivalent to doing evil.

It’s the question that drives us: “What is the truth?”. There are a lot of strange secrets out there but luckily we are dedicated to truth. We don’t claim to have it all, but we will give you the facts as we can find them. So use your brain and make up your own damn mind! Don’t agree? Good! Tell us why… and don’t be a repeater! I realize we all stand on the shoulders of people like Plato as far as knowledge base goes and that’s cool, just don’t spit out empty rhetoric.

We’re all adults here so no sheeple comments like: “Your a dick!” or “So and so sucks!”, at least say why they suck. Think & research before you comment or hopefully take a moment to engage your brain first. Please back up your thoughts with facts and preferably links if possible.

Finally, just breathe a deep breath and take it easy, some people are so hopelessly dependent on the system they can’t see or won’t accept the truth.

“Five per cent of the people think; ten per cent of the people think they think; and the other eighty-five per cent would rather die than think.” —Thomas Edison, 1847-1931


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