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I do not see marijuana as a drug. Cocaine, meth, PCP, these are drugs; acid? Drug. Mushrooms? Not so much, but if you are going to try it use caution and don’t use it to frequently. Marijuana is a wonderful plant that everyone should have the right to partake in however they please. The big issue with weed is that the drug companies cannot take the element out of it that is helpful to humans and patent it. I can hear the FCC now, “What? A free cure that any one can grow and they won’t need us? Make that shit illegal! Declare war on that profit gouging plant!” Now the drug war that is an interesting subject, but is it working? This wonderful documentary will help clear things up.

Marijuana Documentary Part 1

Marijuana Documentary Part 2

Marijuana Documentary Part 3

Marijuana Documentary Part 4

Marijuana Documentary Part 5

Marijuana Documentary Part 6

Marijuana Documentary Part 7

Marijuana Documentary Part 8

Marijuana Documentary Part 9

Marijuana Documentary Part 10

Marijuana Documentary Part 11

Reefer Madness

In 1938 when weed was first made illegal this was the propaganda used to incite the public.

Hemp for Victory

This came out in promotion of hemp and its many astounding uses during WWII… wait, I thought weed was the devil. Apparently not, if it’s profitable.

The Shafer Commission Report

Read The Shafer Commission Report here. Nixon should have read his own report. Well he did apparently but he decided to start a war on drugs any way. Why? Because of all those damn hippies. The problem? They were all protesting the Vietnam war. The solution was to arrest all of the Vietnam war protesters legally by making weed seem like a dangerous drug, getting it illegal and charging them and haling ’em off to jail.

(Another) Marijuana Documentary

This is a quick and dirty documentary that focuses most of its time with growing marijuana.


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