No Ego Means No:

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“The absolute removal of ego means you expect nothing, require nothing, demand no form, shape, condition, or kind of experience, and don’t have to interpret this experience [of ‘god’] in any kind of familiar symbolism.

Only such a person is capable of a pure experience. This is extremely rare. The formless acceptance of ‘god’. The acceptance of ‘deity’ totally. A complete possession by ‘god’ without qualification condition or modification. In which this ‘god’ has no appearance, no humanity, is bound by no gospel or creed, quotes no scripture. But is simply present as a total ‘light’. This indicates the emancipation from any and all conditioning attributes. The purpose of all mystery instruction is to reduce these conditions [and bring about this rare type of human]. ”

-Manly P. Hall

I thought this was funny:
How many Christians does it take to screw in a light bulb?

None. The Bible makes no mention of light bulbs.


I think its time to talk on Weed…

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It is time to rant on weed again. b/c it seems no one sees what is happening.

I just ran out of southern comfort and mt. dew, (if you haven’t tried it… then do so). And I went out at about 3am to try and get more. I went the local CVS and I was 30 min late. Went to the next best thing the gas station that sells late… no dice. So i had to drive about 15 to 20min out into Pearl River to get alcohol. While there the attendant seemed cool, and the costumers just b4 me seemed OK so I mentioned I was looking for some green. The costumers said “Yea go green.” blah blah and walked out. I think they knew the atmosphere and I apparently didn’t, b/c I said again that I was looking for green to the attendant. He said, “You mean marijuana?” To which I replied “Yes of course”.

Long story short he was ex-drug enforcement for St. Tammany Parish. But was apperenty cool w/ green, b/c he said most of his familly toked up. I asked his opinon on green. He said that it will be legal in ten years. I hope this is so. b/c that would Greatly lessen Americas dependence on Alcohol and Cigs. It may eliminate it for some, but for the ppl I know they would smoke 90% weed and have a drink or two or three and smoke a few cigs. Where as now they drink 99% and smoke a lot of cigs and only smoke weed when they can.


The ‘Truth Movement’ is now bullshit!

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The ‘Truth Movement’ is now bullshit! This article explains how it is happening.

OK, so “The Truth Movement” is not bullshit entirely. I have listened to Rush Limbaugh for years. It’s good to hear what ppl are thinking and what ppl are told to think. I have heard him talk about many of the same things Alex Jones has talked about, well at least recently, once Obama has become pres. And I thought, “Well perhaps he is coming around, finally, to the real Truth of what is happening in the world”. But after reading that article, well, it has clarified many things for me. Well, that’s all for me tonight folks. In closing, be careful what you believe and hear.

It Doesn’t Matter

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It doesn’t matter what religion my parents believed in, there are experts in every religion who can convince you that their religion is Truth. Lets take those who believe in the Qur’an for instance, what ever their belief may be. The following video was created by a person who believes in “The Truth” of the Qur’an. Be it real Truth or not.

This sounds just like a sermon I’d hear on Sunday talking about how Jesus and God have written all Truth in the Bible. He seems to make some great points and ppl clap and mumble to their neighbor, “Wow he is good, and so is Alla!” Honestly folks, it doesn’t matter who you talk to, you can be convinced that the Earth is actually in the shape of a pyramid and can be viewed from space as red with swirls of fuchsia clouds, and the only reason we see it other-wise is b/c of our sin or what ever bullshit they try and tell you.

The real Truth, I’m not sorry to say, is that there is no Religion that is true.

Ok so…

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Watch this:

And now watch the rest, b/c I don’t feel like posting all of them all… DON’T BE LAZY!

So, sometimes, OK a lot of the time I feel bad (guilty) b/c I question the religion I was Programed with from my birth. Even though I realize that maybe, just b/c my parents believe something doesn’t make it True. I still feel like a heathen non-believer b/c I question it. I fight with this all of the time. Well, when ever I really stop to think about it. Most of the time I’m dealing w/ being socially inept and trying to just get along w/ the ppl around me w/o having some schizotypal flare-up. And yea I am schizotypal. Some times I believe that that is some bull shit gray area b/t normal and actual schizophrenic and it’s all made up just b/c they don’t know what else to call it and it helps sell drugs and keeps psychologist feeling OK about themselves by being able to assign a medical designation to a person when there isn’t an appropriate one available. OK, what ever. I’m just ‘putting my heart out there’ as Christians like to say.

In reality here is what I’d like to believe about Christianity, It is:
The belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically´╗┐ tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.

But I still can’t bring myself to say this to others b/c I know how they will react. And, giving my personalty type, I naturally don’t want to invite conflict into any relationship. I’d prefer to have peace, even if I have to lie about it and have no peace in my own mind. Which really FUCKS with my schizotypal mental problems.

When I was younger, I don’t remember when, I thought “Y’know I’d really love to travel around the world and learn about the different religions of the world.” Mainly, b/c I was curious about the other beliefs of the world. Then as I aged I wasn’t certain about my own religion and wanted to see if other might have it right. This was mainly b/c of the questioning of my own beliefs.

I still plan on traveling the world, like the Beatles did, to learn from the masters about their beliefs. But just doing the research on my own, I see that no matter what system of belief you have, you can’t know ‘For Sure’ whether your belief is based of Truth or not.

I came to this reasoning b/c I researched many religions and what I found is: most belief systems come down to “We have the ‘Right Answer’ and others don’t.” No matter who you talk to, this is what the bottom line is.

There is a great variety of results for those who don’t follow your chosen belief system. Ranging from, nothing happens, reincarnation, to you are set ablaze for all eternity and any other nasty thing you can think of as well, just b/c you don’t believe.

When I really think about it all religions seem like ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT TO ME!

Here is my newest theory about religion: I think that religion as a whole is a cosmic test, or a genetic evolutionary be-the-best-or-die kind of test, i.e. evolution. I seems reasonable to me lately to see religion as a stepping stone to higher evolution in mankind and if we really could poll the galaxy we would find that our belief in God, Buddha, Krishna, Zeus or Harri Christina or what ever, would be a laughable stepping stone towards admittance to the galactic school of advanced learning cultures on existence. Who have all either passed this test or have passed over this test seeing it as INFANTILE LUNACY.

So in drunken closing (Southern Comfort + Mt. Dew, which I highly suggest to all fellow alcoholics): Again, FUCK ALL religions. “The map is not the territory.” – RAW

Now Watch This:

At least give us…

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OK, so I learned about the fed and how they are fucking us and all the other conspiracy theories out there. Yup. So what. Doesn’t fucking matter! My asshole still hurts. I’m still getting fucked in this prison we call America… or the Earth.

Honestly folks, look around you! You can read blogs or watch youtube or watch what ever bull shit you think will help on TV, but when you really look at the world… ain’t shit changing! No matter who you vote into office, local or other wise, the ‘government’ still gets in. The main agenda still happens. It’s like a choose-your-own-ending story but the only difference is that YOUR VOTE DOESN’T FUCKING COUNT! Yea, sorry to pop your bubble but ‘rock the vote’… IS BULL SHIT!! It’s all made up to make you think you have some kind of choice in this goddamn country!

Ain’t shit gonna change just because some douche-bag Americans, or what ever country you randomly happened to be born in, decide they, rightly or not, think they know what’s really up and are going to ‘change the world’. Oh yes I’m watching Jordan or Alex Jones and that makes me smarter. SO FUCKING WHAT! Oh yea you, one insignificant piece of shit dust, is going to magikally change everyones minds. All those people all around you are going to hear what you have to say and then think, “Oh wait maybe this guy, who seems like a looney, is right. Maybe we are all getting fucked and if we stand together we can change things in the world.” OH GOD (or flying spagetti monster if you prefer) DELIVER US FROM MINE ENEMIES OF EVIL! LET US AAALLL STAND TOGETHER AND HOLD HANDS AGAINST TYRANNY! …That is the American dream if i ever heard it, and as Carlin said you have to be asleep to believe it:

Which is why I say: “If you are going to FUCK US in the ASS… AT LEAST GIVE US WEED GODDAMMIT!!

I mean really, life is full to over flowing with BULLSHIT! (don’t get me started with: “Mine cup runeth over!” maybe your idea of a cup is actually a TEASPOON GODDAMMIT!)

I mean really, come on… I speak to the True Leaders of this world when I say: “Make Weed Legal!!” If there is really no choice in the matter – which it seem there isn’t – at least make us happy with a big dick in our ass! At least make the ‘GODDAMN SAVIOR OF AMERICA’ write & sign a presidential mandate where weed is legal in all states.

It can’t hurt America – ‘The bastion of freedom’ – to have weed legalized! Alcohol prohibition (1920 to 1933) didn’t work either and this so called ‘War On Drugs’ isn’t working either! It only cost America more money… well on further thought bankrupting America is your goal but at least stop this one thing. I mean really, come on, THIS IS BULLSHIT! Not only are you going to fuck us but you have to make Weed illegal too?! Come on… REALLY?

If all you want is:
1. to bankrupt America an all other nations that threaten you.
2. to take control of all nations through their economy.
3. and to merge all nations into a global world government…

and we can’t seem to do… A DAMN THING ABOUT IT?! Why not at least give all earthlings Weed so that we can feel comfortable with the HUGE RED WHITE AND BLUE DILDO UP OUR ASS!!! (or what ever colors your country adopts)

I mean, not only do you have to RAPE US, you have to make us FUCKING HATE IT TOO!?! WHAAT THE FUUCK!? All I am asking – for all earthlings involved – is to make us happy with getting fucked! If there’s really no point, if while trying to ‘fight the system’, we at least have a ‘drug’ that won’t make us sick the next day and we can still be ‘PRODUCTIVE’… AND HAPPY AT THE SAME TIME. Is that sooo much to ask!?!

I don’t think so. Legalize Weed! That’s all.

Ignorance is Bliss

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Some times i wonder why i took the blue pill. I guess i thought knowledge would bring peace or happiness or what ever. Well… i guess i never thought that much into it, really. This whole thing just seemed so romantic if you know what i mean. Like a good spy novel.

It’s just frustrating to know all this stuff… and yet know nothing, and know nothing for sure. Looking around at this damned world it doesn’t seem to matter how many people know or think they know what’s really up, the plan just keeps trudging on. And it seems like I can learn all i want and try and tell ppl, some will think I’m nuts or stupid or gullible. Maybe it’s the reverse, maybe not. Who the fuck knows.

It’s like when I hear ppl say that every one is special… and then of course no one is. I can know everything and then I know nothing. It’s all maybe’s, I dunno’s, theories, proof, refuted proof, informants, disinformation agents… and around and around the ride goes making me nauseous. Sometimes i just want off the ride; but i know I’m addicted.

Still… lately the sheeple-dogs incessant barking and growling with looks makes conformity seem appealing. Maybe Cipher’s path is… well i dunno if its better or not but it looks greener and greener over there each day.

Perhaps merging with my local mental-germ infested culture is… oh what the fuck am i saying. I’m done rambling goddammit. I don’t know if I’m on the right path now. But I do know full well the meaning of “Ignorance is Bliss.”